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Is Yoga Teacher Training For Me Workbook

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When I decided that I wanted to become a yoga teacher I had no idea what I should look for in a yoga teacher training. Despite getting advice from a friend who had gone through the process a few years earlier and doing a bunch of research into the available yoga teacher schools in my city, I was still overwhelmed and confused by all of the options that were available to me.

I had questions like:

-Do I want to do a long term (part time for months) or intensive (full time for weeks) yoga teacher training? 

-What style and how do I actually want to teach yoga?

-Do I want to do it locally or abroad? 

It was tough to get a feel for what I wanted when I wasn't aware of what all of the options really were. I'm very grateful that I ended up deciding on a great school and I really loved my teacher training - I made a ton of friends with my fellow students, the instructors were so knowledgeable, and I learned a lot about myself which I wasn't expecting. 

I'm not a yoga teacher and even own my own business teaching yoga to others. Now that I'm on the other side of teacher training I thought I would put together a workbook that helps others go through the decision making process of deciding if yoga teacher training is right for them and helping them pick the right school. There's so many things that factor into the decision that having all of the choices written down in one spot would have been so helpful for me. I'm hoping that this workbook will be one of the things that helps you made that decision a little bit easier. 

This workbook includes: 

-25 page printable PDF 

-Questions that I found useful when I was figuring out which teacher training I wanted to take. 

-Space to write down your answers so that you have all of the information in one place.

-Advice that I wish I had known when I was determining which yoga teacher training to take. 

Colors may vary from the screen to the printed page. This printable has been design to be printed on 8.5" x 11" paper. This is a digital download, so no physical product will be shipped to you.

This printable is for personal use. It may be printed as many times as you want for your own use. Do not sell or redistribute. 

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Use this 25 page PDF workbook to help you figure out if and which yoga teacher training is for you.

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Is Yoga Teacher Training For Me Workbook

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